Why was sufism so popular?

Royal Cronin asked a question: Why was sufism so popular?
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What is sufism and can it stop radical islam?

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For a time, beginning in the 12th century, Sufism was a mainstay of the social order for Islamic civilization, and since that time it has spread throughout the Muslim world, and to China, West Africa and the United States. As Sufism spread, it adapted elements of local culture and belief, making it a popular practice.

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How can music be haram when sufis use it to get closer to allah? - q&a - said rageah, yusha & yusuf

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Origin of Sufism in India was by Arab commander in 711A.D Hindus and Muslims both encouraged the music.. Unfortunately in 1947 Hindus and Muslims had to get separated but fortunately music..specially sufi music remained unchanged and with no borde...

Sufism (Sufism) may be best described as a mystical practice that emphasizes certain unique rituals for guiding spiritual seekers into a direct encounter with God. Muhammad is considered their chief prophet and many consider Sufism to be a mystical brand of Islam.

Sufism, mystical Islamic belief and practice in which Muslims seek to find the truth of divine love and knowledge through direct personal experience of God. It consists of a variety of mystical paths that are designed to ascertain the nature of humanity and of God and to facilitate the experience of the presence of divine love and wisdom in the world.. Islamic mysticism is called taṣawwuf (literally, “to dress in wool”) in Arabic, but it has been called Sufism in Western languages ...

As these experiences are ethereal and nonmaterial, Sufism symbols of wine, cup, and cupbearer became quite popular in comparing the experience to intoxication. The mystery of diversity and unity has been symbolized using mirrors that reflect different aspects of the divine.

I have something to add about the biased nature of this article , most of the material this article represents seems to be the beliefs of a particular Sufi order/tradition represented as Sufism .But Sufism has a long and very complex history and there has been so many differint points of view through the ages , this article seems to simply ignore the majority of these different doctrines and practices.I do not think one can stablish a specific sufi cosmology at all.The system this article ...

Sufism is a thought of Islam that mainly focused on the inner values of a person. Some academics have argued that Sufism is like Neo-Platonism. Sufism is purely based on the teaching of Islam and Islamic Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

In Sufism, prophet Muhammad is an example of a person who has reached perfection – an archetype of pure consciousness who can guide them towards to path of Absolute Reality. According to Sufi teachings, to be a Perfect Human Being is the reason why human beings exist on earth. It is our mission, life purpose, and true meaning of life because ...

Sufism is a mystical and ascetic Islam practiced by tens of millions of Muslims. Known as "Tasawwuf" in the Muslim world, in the West it is often erroneously thought of as a separate sect. Sufism...

Perhaps none more so than one of the most famous poets, Rumi, a 13th-century Persian sufi cleric. Why would an Islamic mystic, dead 800 years, be one of the most popular poets in the West in the 21st century. How does he connect to readers and what can we learn about ourselves from sufism and poetry in general? If you’re interested in understanding the power of poetry and sufism, this wonderful episode is for you. — Our Guest. Baraka Blue. Poet & Rapper. Baraka Blue is a highly acclaimed ...

Hence, in the popular religious imagination, Muharram is a celebration of a local specific Sufism as people narrate that Prophet Muhammad is the earliest Sufi master and most Sufi concepts revolve ...

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