Why buddhism deserted in india?

Felicity Hand asked a question: Why buddhism deserted in india?
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⁉️ India: why did buddhism mostly disappear from india?

INDIA: Why did Buddhism mostly disappear from India? - YouTube. INDIA: Why did Buddhism mostly disappear from India? If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

⁉️ Does buddhism still exist in india?

Except for the Himalayan region and south India, Buddhism almost became extinct in India after the arrival of Islam in the late 12th century. Buddhism is still practiced in the Himalayan areas such as Sikkim, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, the Darjeeling hills in West Bengal, the Lahaul and Spiti areas of upper Himachal Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

⁉️ How did buddhism disappeared from india?

One of the supreme ironies of the history of Buddhism in India is the question of how Buddhism came to disappear from the land of its birth. Many scholars of Buddhism, Hinduism, Indian history, and of religion more generally have been devoted to unraveling this puzzle. There is no absolute consensus on this matter, and a few scholars have even contended that Buddhism never disappeared as such from India. On this view, Buddhism

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India was viewed as a superpower similar to 21st century America. Buddhism was received with open hearts in other countries in Asia because of its origin in India. Then why such a formidable culture lost in India? Before the birth of the Buddha, Indian society had become self-centered (the intellectual class) and ritualistic (the masses).

Buddhism, which originated in India, gradually dwindled and was replaced by approximately the 12th century. According to Lars Fogelin, this was "not a singular event, with a singular cause; it was a centuries-long process.". The decline of Buddhism has been attributed to various factors, especially the regionalisation of India after the end of the Gupta Empire (320–650 CE), which led to the ...

Why Buddhism Deserted in India ... ? In the era of the Buddha, India was regarded as a pioneer in many fields. India had an economic...

Buddhism is an ancient Indian religion, which arose in and around the ancient Kingdom of Magadha (now in Bihar, India), and is based on the teachings of the Gautama Buddha who was deemed a "Buddha" ("Awakened One"), although there were other Buddhas before him.Buddhism spread outside of Magadha starting in the Buddha's lifetime. With the reign of the Buddhist Mauryan Emperor Ashoka, the ...

How and why Buddhism declined in India by Diwan Chand Ahir, 1978, Maha Bodhi Society of India edition, in English

Born Dennis Lingwood, the son of a French polisher from Tooting, Sangharakshita, meaning “one who is protected by the spiritual community”, deserted from the British army in India during the ...

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Is buddhism still practiced in india today?

Buddhism is still practiced in India today. Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, JammuKashmir, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Sikkim, Tripura, these Indian states have a large population of Buddhists.

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Why did buddhism die out in india?

The prevailing view of decline of Buddhism in India is summed by A. L. Basham's classic study which argues that the main cause was the rise of an ancient Hindu religion again, "Hinduism", which focused on the worship of deities like Shiva and Vishnu and became more popular among the common people while Buddhism, being focused on monastery life, had become disconnected from public life and its life rituals, which were all left to Hindu Brahmins.

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Why did buddhism not spread in india?

The Buddha’s Dharma was very much spread across India. From Chittagong to Balkh. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The traditions of the Hindus were very dialectical. Established and spread by vigorous traditions of debate. The several traditions of sp...

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Why did buddhism not succeed in india?

The regionalisation of India after the end of the Gupta Empire (320–650 CE) led to the loss of patronage and donations. The prevailing view of decline of Buddhism …

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Why did not buddhism spread in india?

Before Hinduism Buddhism is spread across India and Nepal and it was only during later periods it started to fade away slowly with people shifting their beliefs towards Hindu Gods. It was from here it spread to other countries through trading communities.

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Why is buddhism not popular in india?

Originally Answered: Why is Buddhism not the most popular religion in India? There is no question that - as several people have stated - Buddhism was destroyed by Muslim invasions starting in the 12th to 16th century.

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Buddhism in india and other parts of asia?

How did Buddhism spread from India to other parts of Asia? Buddhism became prominent in merchant communities and then spread throughout the Mauryan empire through …

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Why did buddhism become popular in india 🇮🇳?

Get an answer for 'Why did Buddhism become popular in India?' and find homework help for other Asian History questions at eNotes There are two major factors that led to Buddhism becoming popular ...

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Why did buddhism not overtake hinduism in india?

But the reasons why Buddhism could not hold for long are many. A big, firce battle on philosophical palin, slowly but steadily saw the decline of Buddhism. After all, coming down to the kernel, there was not much difference between the two dharmas. They had common morality and ethics.

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Why did buddhism spread in india and abroad?

Answered by Rahul Suresh in 2015 in quora Buddhism, qualifies to be called a religion. While there are great differences in beliefs and practices within the various sects, there are still enough fundamental tenets common between the various groups...

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Why is buddhism getting popular in india again?

In my perception Buddhism is getting popular in India again because recently at United Nation General Assembly our beloved prime minister Narendra modi announced that India have given Buddha and India is against yudha and due to this Cnn, Alzazerra,Ndtv and many more international and national media started praising this words and Buddhism is one of the most Peaceful religion so people started liking it and adopting it.

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How did changes in buddhism influence art in india?

In Buddhism, it used to be taboo to present art of the Buddha. This changed and was eventually relaxed. Statues were made in India and other countries which influenced Indian art.

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Topic: why did buddhism not overtake hinduism in india?

2. Buddhism fell in it's own good, As it did not recognize Brahminism, every one was absorbed and unfortunately drunkards, unclean and every one stepped in the ladder of religion and were not role models. So the Brahminical Buddhism survived(I mean to say people who followed good spread to find patronage across world, well received and honoured).

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Why buddhism appealed to the lower caste in india?

Lower castes were more likely to convert to Buddhism because Buddhism rejected the caste system. If they followed Buddhism it meant that they would be able to become higher in society. Why were ...

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Why buddhism is not the main religion in india?

Buddhism isn not really a religion. it is just a way of life.

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Why did buddhism and jainism develop differently in india?

Why did Buddhism and Jainism develop differently in India? (Appendix VIII in Johannes Bronkhorst, How the Brahmins Won: From Alexander to the Guptas, Leiden-Boston 2016, pp. 465-479) Buddhism and ...

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Why did buddhism die out in india and pakistan?

Decline of Buddhism(in India) happened in the period between 7 century(after Guptas) and the 13th century. Reasons: 1. End of state patronage: Buddhism, because or …

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Why is buddhism not very common in india today?

Why is Buddhism not very common in India today? The decline of Buddhism has been attributed to various factors, especially the regionalisation of India after the end of the Gupta Empire (320–650 CE), which led to the loss of patronage and donations as Indian dynasties turned to the services of Hindu Brahmins. What is the […]

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Is esoteric buddhism tibetan buddhism?

esoteric buddhism

It is not true esoteric Buddhism if it does not include the teachings of exoteric Buddhism. It is sometimes referred to as vajrayana Buddhism or tantra. It includes the Lineage of the Elders of the Hinayana, the Profound and Method Lineages of the Mahayana, and the Practices and Blessings Lineages that are unique to the Vajrayana.

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Is vajrayana buddhism really buddhism?

Vajrayana, (Sanskrit: “Thunderbolt Vehicle” or “Diamond Vehicle”) form of Tantric Buddhism that developed in India and neighbouring countries, notably Tibet. Mystical practices and esoteric sects are found in all forms of Buddhism…

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Is vajrayana buddhism tibetan buddhism?

The Tibetan Buddhist tradition is called Vajrayana or the Diamond Vehicle Buddhism. Buddhism was introduced to Tibet in from India in the form of Sanskrit texts brought in by missionaries in the 5th century CE.

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