What is the point of spiritual practice?

Arely Cronin asked a question: What is the point of spiritual practice?
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What is the purpose of spiritual practice?

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A spiritual practice or spiritual discipline (often including spiritual exercises) is the regular or full-time performance of actions and activities undertaken for the purpose of inducing spiritual experiences and cultivating spiritual development.

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While improving the world is a good thing, of course, fundamentally, spiritual practice is designed to teach us how to explore the universe and consciousness, and to benefit others while doing that. As we develop our spiritual practice, the alleviation of suffering, anxiety and depression will follow naturally.

Benefits of Spiritual Practice What Science and Tradition tell UsThe Sufi Sage, Hazrat Inayat Khan observed that the sacred name of God is as medicine to the patient, and the divine thought is the compass by which the Sufi steers the ship of her soul to the shores of immortality.This sentiment…

A spiritual practice might be baking, gardening, running, knitting, playing piano, painting, hiking, meditating, golfing, doing yoga, tai chi or calligraphy. It is not so much about the form but about the profound and connective quality of the time spent within it.

A spiritual practice does not have to be hard. It rewards presence, not effort. Some practices do yield an outcome, but many are done simply for their own sake. And practice does not make perfect. Don't expect to overcome all your weaknesses and fix all your problems. Indeed, difficulties are to be expected and can be used as aids on your journey.

In simple terms, spirituality is a worldview and a way of life based on the belief that there is more to life than what meets the senses, more to the universe than just purposeless mechanics, more to consciousness than electrical impulses in the brain, and more to our existence than the body and its needs.

A short reminder from Moojibaba concerning our spiritual practice. “Practice is not a goal. Practice is the means to the goal. For seekers of truth, practice is the means to return to our original nature. The Self. The practice should be cutting away the false, permanently.

Here is the starting point! Know What Spirituality Means. Knowing spirituality makes it easier for you to practice it in a proper way. Spirituality... The Art of Meditation. Meditation or prayers are most effective way of practicing spirituality. According to Stewart... Doing Little Acts of ...

Spiritual disciplines exercise our spirit, mind, and emotions so that we become closer to God. They help us see His will for our lives more clearly so that we can live the life He desires for us. The more we practice these disciplines, the better we get at them, and the stronger we make our faith.

Developing a spiritual practice and sticking to it is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself and for your spiritual development. Not only does it help you to pursue your goals, and stay motivated and inspired, but it also allows you to tune into your intuition and connect with your divinity.

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