What is the difference between sufi and sufism?

Susie McCullough asked a question: What is the difference between sufi and sufism?
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What is sufism and can it stop radical islam?

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Sufism, known as tasawwuf in the Arabic-speaking world, is a form of Islamic mysticism that emphasizes introspection and spiritual closeness with God. While it is sometimes misunderstood as a sect of Islam, it is actually a broader style of worship that transcends sects, directing followers' attention inward.

Islam is a dogmatic and monotheistic religion founded by Prophet Muhammad about 1400 years ago on the basis of revelations of Allah contained in the holy book of Quran. Sufism, on the other hand is spiritual dimension of God-man union

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How is sufism related to islam?

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Other definitions of the word translate to “the phenomenon of mysticism within Islam” and “the inward dimension of Islam.” Basically, inner piety and deep devotion are infused into Islam through Sufism. So while all Sufis are Muslim, not all Muslims are Sufis. Sufism is a religious order that can exist within any sect or denomination of Islam.

Sufism lies within the ambit of the Shariah as Sufis are the upholders of the real message of Islam.Real Sufis never do shirk.If a Sufi does not follow the Quran and the Sunnah,he is therefore a fake or pseudo-sufi.Imam al.Ghazzali(r.a)stresses that music that entails exaggerated bodily movements is forbidden,the music to which he refers is daff.The Shariah is the Sufi’s first step of his spiritual journey.

Sufi Shaykhs have said that Sufism itself is nothing other than this Sincerity, or the Perfect following of the way of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him and His Family), both inner and outer. So a Sufi Can be anyone but Sufis generally are Sunni Muslims (except Salafi/Wahabi/Ahle Hadith).

Sufism may be best described as a practice of asceticism, which through belief and practice helps believers attain nearness to God. The Bhakti and Sufi Movements of Medieval India played a crucial role in creating a composite culture whose legacy can be seen to this day. It is one of the most commonly asked questions in the UPSC History segment.

Sufi, on the other hand, is a contemplative school of Islam that aims to develop an individual's consciousness of God though chanting, recitation of litanies, music and physical movement.

Key Differences First fundamental difference between Islam and Sufism is about the perception of God. Islam clearly states two... Islam focused on the adherence to Islamic law while Sufism emphasizes on spirituality. Music of any kind and dance is disallowed according to Quranic verses while in ...

Sufism recognises the Immanence and Transcendence of the One in all. Sikh belief is the same. Sufi philosophy is based on the nature of Reality, which is transcendent and the Sikh faith also faith advocates seeking union with the inner Truth through meditation and invocation of the Divine Name by ecstatically repeating the mantras of the Shabad Guru.

Sunni believes in the indirect approach to enlighten the soul whereas a Sufi attempts to experience and feel God with the help of the direct approach. Sunni Muslim has five major legal schools and several minor ones whereas Sufi has many orders of Sufism.

Consequently the Sufis distinguish between (i) the level of the programming of the Universe that is permanent and (ii) the programming of the cosmos that is continually updated by the feedback from the existential actuality.

Sufism has been called the "default setting" of Muslim religious life in Egypt where there are 74 Sufi orders (tarikas) and an estimated 15 million practicing Sufis. The number of salafis in Egypt has been estimated at 5-6 million. Salafism has been described as the "most important" religious force in Egypt.

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Salafi or sufi?