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Sufism, mystical Islamic belief and practice in which Muslims seek to find the truth of divine love and knowledge through direct personal experience of God.

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Answer 1Surfism is an Islamic concept which the followers are seeking for divine truth and love though a direct encounter with the God.

Answer. A movement within Islam, Sufism is the mystical side of Islam. Perhaps this is one reason traditional Muslims have distanced themselves from Sufists. Sufism focuses on giving love and devotion to God. Because Sufists believe that material possessions hinder one’s devotion, they are often considered ascetics.

We can go on to answer the specifics of the question. We have already said that Sufism is merely a name for an emphasis on Ihsan, which is one of the three tenets of Islam which take together with Islam and Iman constitute the whole of religion, according to the Angel Gabriel who appeared as intersubjectively witnessed by the Mohammedan community in the prophet’s lifetime.

What is Sufism What is Sufism with details All perfect praise be to Allaah The Lord of the WorldsI testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah and that Muhammad sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam is His slave and Messenger Initially the surname Soofiyyah Sufism was given to the people who engaged themselves in worshipping Allaah and preferred to live an ascetic life There is no harm ...

“[I]n answer to the question ‘What is Sufism?’: From time to time a Revelation ‘flows’ like a great tidal wave from the Ocean of Infinitude to the shores of our finite world; and Sufism is the vocation and the discipline and the science of plunging into the ebb of one of these waves and being drawn back with it to its Eternal and Infinite Source.

Sufi whirling (or Sufi spinning) is a form of Sama or physically active meditation which originated among some Sufis, and which is still practised by the Sufi Dervishes of the Mevlevi order. It is a customary dance performed within the sema , through which dervishes (also called semazens , from Persian سماعزن ) aim to reach the source of all perfection, or kemal .

Sufism is the mystical tradition within Islam whose followers - Sufis, or dervishes - espouse a religion of love based on poetry, music, and utilising various esoteric contemplative practices, the most important being a prayer called a dhikr, practised privately.

Sufism, mystical Islamic belief and practice in which Muslims seek to find the truth of divine love and knowledge through direct personal experience of God. It consists of a variety of mystical paths that are designed to ascertain the nature of humanity and of God and to facilitate the experience of the presence of divine love and wisdom in the world.

Rather than distancing itself from the Sunnah, Sufism embraces it totally if it is genuine and goes beyond the norm in devotion, humility, and attempts to develop a character that is like those that are described in the first community to the extent possible at the end of time.

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