What is happening in the united states esoteric astrology?

Ronaldo Heller asked a question: What is happening in the united states esoteric astrology?
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What is happening to america?

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What are the astrology signs for the state of Ohio?

  • Astrology Signs for USA States & Cities. Ohio has its Sun in Pisces, which challenges Kerry’s Sagittarius Sun, and Ohio’s Moon sign is in Gemini, which provides opposition to Sagittarius. Pisces can represent enlightenment or illusion, and there certainly seemed to be some illusion working at his failed presidential bid in Ohio.

What will happen to the United States astrological chart in 2017?

  • We’ve been tracking the movements of the astrological chart of the United States (yes, even countries have natal charts) based on the country’s birthday of July 4, 1776, in an attempt to make sense of the deep division the nation has found itself in. In 2017, the U.S. will have two astrological return cycles: a Pluto and a North Node return.

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May 2021 lunar eclipse chaos in the united states

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The head centre of the Occident is beginning to react to second ray energy and the ajna centre to fourth ray energy and in this lies the hope of the race of men. 11. One of the five cities, London, Geneva, New York, Darjeeling and Tokyo – is the ajna centre and the other four are “up the spine”.

This huge compendium examines cycles and qualitative forces influencing the races, nations and groups. The principles of Esoteric Astrology & the Seven Rays are applied to various nations as well as events such as 9/11, hurricane Katrina and the Asian tsunami.

Astrology and Intuitive Consultations provided internationally since 1980. Terms associated with Relocation Astrology. Mundane Astrology: Astrology is similar to the medical profession in that there are specialties within the larger field. A heart surgeon and a neurosurgeon are both medical doctors, but in different areas of specialization.

Find out how esoteric history reveals the Post-Atlantan age since 12 000 years ago. According to occult science, every 2000 years approximately, a new constellation starts affecting the evolution on Earth. Lets examine what has transpired from the Age of Leo to the Age of Aquarius. The Astrological Ages

Compiled & Offered By. Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div. During my private practice as a counselor and teacher of metaphysical holistic growth, I found esoteric—meaning soul-centered—astrology to be the single most beneficial tool for self-understanding, spiritual growth, and life-planning. I created a series of classes for learning to interpret your ...

This Week in Astrology. This Week in Astrology is updated every Saturday and includes the week’s Moon phase, planets in signs and aspects, retrogrades, this week’s astrology calendar, the current void-of-course Moon tables and timing advice, and Daily Trends interpretations. May 28, 2021 / This Week in Astrology.

This Horoscope (displayed 4th July 1776 5.10pm) for the USA was first proposed by Ebenezer Sibly. It is controversial as there are many proposed times, contending dates and even years for the founding of the United States of America. 2nd July 1776. Congress passed the resolution declaring independence from Great Britain, Philadelphia, PA.

This is the time, in ancient Astrology, when it is said that a planet resembles a person filled with fear. Paralysis may occur, as one is hesitant to continue, just as the planet is stopping in its motion. In the psyche of those affected, this can manifest as running away from situations in the person’s immediate reality.

by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, In5D.com. Governments are collapsing all around us. Here in the United States, check points are set up while barbed wire is being placed all around Washington DC. The freemason motto at the 33rd degree is “Ordo ab Chao”, which means “Order out of Chaos”. That’s exactly what’s happening right now ...

Top 10 States for Astrology in the US. 1. Oregon, United States 2. California, United States 3. Nevada, United States 4. New York, United States 5. Arizona, United States 6. Washington, United States 7. Colorado, United States 8. New Jersey, United States 9. Massachusetts, United States 10. Connecticut, United States

The United States of America is ruled at a soul level by Aquarius.13 and hence, combined with its status as 5.5.6, it will bridge from Britain (5.5.5) to the Sixth Rootrace. A branchrace has an approximate duration of a precession cycle of 25,000 years:

The principles of Esoteric Astrology & the Seven Rays are applied to various nations as well as events such as 9/11, hurricane Katrina and the Asian tsunami. Themes explored are events in the last 2000 years leading to the formation of the United Nations, the rise and fall of the Nazis, horoscopes of nations in the Middle East conflict, history of the Jewish Race and Israel, Osama Bin Laden & Al Qaeda.

Esoteric perspective: Coronavirus, pneumonia, tuberculosis. Virus Horoscope: Wuhan, November 17, 2019. New Year Horoscope Jan.1, 2020: Saturn-Pluto New Year Horoscope: Mar.2020 Pisces, Neptune and Lent

It has produced the fusion of three powerful racial types in group formation and not through admixture as in the United States; it has enabled two relatively antagonistic divisions of the Christian faith to work together with a minimum of friction; it has made Geneva the origin of the Red Cross - that world activity which works impartially with and for the nationals of all countries and for the prisoners of all nations; it housed that sad though well-intentioned experiment which was called ...

What is really happening is a shift in the human consciousness from its focus on individual energies, functioning through some specific ring-pass-not (individual, national, continental or racial) to a grasp of their interrelation and effects upon each other.

The 2021 Cancer Ingress for the Philippines and the United States of America The Global Interpretation of the Ingress. We again begin with the Moon and see it is waxing in the watery, mute, but intense sign of Scorpio. In traditional astrology, the Moon suffers its fall in Scorpio and is in via combusta [1]. Mars rules the Moon and we see it in ...

Astrology is an important tool in this equation. In alchemy, there is a saying, “As above, so below”. In other words, what is happening in the celestials is being reflected to our planet and in turn, to each individual. Astrological timetables. Astrology relies on the cycles of time that repeat over and over again.

Bodhi Mantra August 2, 2018. The Black Sun is an esoteric symbol dating far back into antiquity, petroglyphs have been found in the Americas of this ancient symbol as well as artifacts discovered in 3000 year old graves of Nordic women such as the Zierscheiben pictured below. Since the masses are not taught true history or the true origins of most ...

Most previsions indicate that until 2023, the labor market will crash. The automated machines will replace the people in the work process, since they don’t demand higher salaries, and they don’t need breaks or other benefits. When employers choose robots instead of humans, the whole social model will crush.

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College degrees in astrology: a possibility for the future