What do you understand by esoteric teaching?

Drew Bechtelar asked a question: What do you understand by esoteric teaching?
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What does esoteric mean?

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1a : designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone a body of esoteric legal doctrine— B. N. Cardozo. b : requiring or exhibiting knowledge that is restricted to a small group esoteric terminology broadly : difficult to understand esoteric subjects.

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Esoteric meaning

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Having learned what esoteric means, a person can study himself more deeply, understand what makes him stronger, smarter, happier. And having got acquainted with their weaknesses, people get the opportunity to correct them. Thanks to esotericism, we understand that happiness cannot be measured by fleeting pleasures - tobacco, alcohol, money.

'The Esoteric Teachings ' - by 'A teacher of what is within' (known as -Daskalos')from the Prologue... This book provides such information as is permissible about the Truth, setting out not only what we already know from the Bible, but making use also of first-hand experience. Speaking of the Truth is a hundred-faceted diamond.

An esoteric school is one in which the relation of the soul, the spiritual man, to the personality is taught. It is the major line of approach for the student, and soul contact becomes his first great endeavour. He comes to know himself and struggles to work as a conscious soul and not just as an active personality.

This view of language is a prerequisite to understanding not only God's spoken word but His written word (Scripture) as well. Esotericists must be made to see that the Bible as a body of literature exists because human beings need to know certain spiritual truths to which they cannot attain by themselves.

This is a Universal Teaching–the underlying esoteric aspect of all the great religions. Guruji said, now you have come in your spiritual evolution where you find the highest truth is to be found within yourself. And you find it through, not just belief, but through practice of the science of yoga…

Answer. Esoteric means “requiring special knowledge to understand; designed for only a select few.”. Esoteric Christianity, then, would be a version of “Christianity” that can only be understood or practiced by those who have been properly initiated in secret knowledge.

Two forms of cognitive expression exist: exoteric and esoteric! The exoteric (exterior) perception consists of literal interpretations, the other, being esoteric (interior) perception which consists of metaphorical understandings. One is a fallacy, the other a truism.

Welcome to the College of Esoteric Education the home of esoteric education in Australia, a place where you will learn more about yourself and your relationship with the world around you. A place that teaches the deeper truths pertaining to the spiritual makeup of humanity, and lead our students through structured and instructed meditations and journeys that culminate in the soul merge.

What does esoteric mean? Esoteric most commonly means obscure and only understood or intended to be understood by a small number of people with special (and perhaps secret) knowledge. It’s often used to describe knowledge that’s only intended to be revealed to people who have been initiated into a certain group.

Everything in this reality has an exoteric and multiple esoteric meanings, when you start to see and understand these esoteric meanings and connections is when you start to crack the code of the matrix to see beyond the veil of Maya, you begin to see the blueprints of this reality and the true meaning of everything inside it.

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