What are the different types of mantras?

Bette Kautzer asked a question: What are the different types of mantras?
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  • There are two types of mantras depending upon their pronunciation. They are monosyllabic and verse. The mantra in which one syllable is used is called Monosyllabic Mantra like Bija Mantras. When more than 60 syllables are used in a mantra it is called Verse Mantra like Gayatri Mantra .
  • They are: Rishi (Seer), Raga, Devata (Presiding deity), Bija (Seed sound), Shakti (Power), and Kilaka (Pillar). We will discuss each of the mantras and their properties. Rishi means a master or guru. Mantras have always been passed down from the masters to disciple.

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