What are the 125 degrees of spiritual development in kabbalah?

Lexie Carroll asked a question: What are the 125 degrees of spiritual development in kabbalah?
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How many degrees of spiritual enlightenment are there in Kabbalah?

  • For one thing, the author, Baal Hasulam, is said to have attained each of the 125 degrees of spiritual enlightenment, which is a focal point of study within the Kabbalah religion. It is said that there are 125 stages in which one moves towards the origin of the soul.
  • There are 125 degrees in the spiritual ladder that move you up through these five worlds. Why the number 125? Because there are 5 worlds, and 5 Partzufim in each world, and 5 Sefirot (Keter– Malchut) in each Partzuf. Therefore, 5×5×5 equals 125.

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In other words, after reaching the first degree, one can already sense all the parts of reality, but in a way that’s appropriate to the first degree. The three degrees of the soul’s development - conception, infancy and adulthood - exist in each of the 613 degrees.

The wisdom of Kabbalah can guide our generation on its spiritual path along the 125 degrees back to the sensation of the complete reality—the Creator. In his article, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Baal HaSulam addresses this very issue: “The wisdom of Kabbalah is generally divided into two parallel, identical orders like two drops in a pond.

In all there are 125 steps: 5 worlds with 5 levels, each consisting of 5 sub-levels. The description of our interactions with the law (God) on each level is what Kabbalah teaches us how to attain. Mankind is constantly moving towards the goal pre-determined by this all-embracing law.

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In total, the number of degrees that stand between our (necessary) future state and our present state is 125. These degrees are not carved in stone, but are inside us. They are degrees of internal spiritual development. When we change something inside us, we ascend by one degree. When we change another, we climb another degree and so on.

By using that desire and the Light of correction, the soul, by correcting itself, seemingly rises to the same degree from which it received the power and desire to correct. All and all there are five worlds, within which there are five Partzufim, with five inner Sefirot. Together they make up 125 degrees.

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (Rashbi) attained all 125 degrees of the spiritual ladder and enclosed the entire spiritual path in The Book of Zohar. Written between the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE, The Zohar was kept hidden for 900 years, until it fell into hands of Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe de Leon who was mistakenly attributed its authorship.

When Malchut rose to Baal Hasulam he was able to compose commentaries on the entire Zohar. Baal HaSulam was able to describe the spiritual states of each step in the 125 degrees of the spiritual ladder and in his commentaries we were given a clear written text that resembles a university textbook with introductions, definitions and a glossary.

The will to bestow is to love and support everything that exists. Kabbalah teaches that the way to ascend up the 125 steps is to sense bestowal and create an inner similarity to the Creator's desire to bestow. Kabbalah says there are only two things in the universe: the Creator and the creature. Adam was the first man.

Q: To what extent can you separate between each of the 125 degrees? Let’s take, a Kabbalist who has reached the spiritual world and is in, for example, Bina of the world of Assiya. Is the Kabbalist aware of exactly where he is? A: Since even the smallest part of reality is comprised of all the other parts, it is thus made of ten Sefirot.

The 125 degrees begin only above our world, starting with the first degree of the spiritual world, and unto the end of the 125th degree. What characterizes a higher degree is a greater desire to give and altruism. The range of spiritual degrees is also divided into five worlds: the world of Adam Kadmon, the world of Atzilut, and the worlds of Beria, Yetzira and Assiya. Each of the worlds is also comprised of five Partzufimand each Partzufis divided into five Sefirot. Thus, the entire ...

There are 125 degrees of attainment between our world and the world Ein Sof. But all we need for our correction is to reach the world of Atzilut , meaning the end of the Second Restriction. We have to cross the worlds of Assiya , Yetzira and Beria , each consisting of 2,000 years (states, degrees).

The existence of a spiritual place is not related to any actual space. All those who reach this state after correcting their spiritual qualities can see and perceive the same things. The ladder of the Creator has 125 levels. These levels are divided evenly between five spiritual worlds. These worlds are: The World of Adam Kadmon The World of Atzilut

The 125 rungs of the ladder are degrees of gradual correction of the aim of the soul from receiving "for me" to receiving "for the Creator". Thus, the desire to feel pleasure does not change, only the aim.

Answer: No, not 125, but 124 levels, the 125th level is already the eternal life. You need to separate from the previous level 124 times in order to ascend to the next level. But it is not felt as a loss.

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