What are esoteric wines?

Barbara Abbott asked a question: What are esoteric wines?
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The term 'esoteric wines' refers to wine made from unusual grapes or grapes grown in younger, less known vineyards. They differ from 'New World' wines (those from countries like Australia, Chile and South Africa) that are largely now as popular as those from Old World vineyards.

What do you call wine that is light and delicate?

  • “A wine that is light, refined and delicate might be called feminine; the polar opposite of those so-called masculine qualities in wine—strong, muscular, larger and bigger.” “A closed wine can be a young wine, but most importantly, it needs more time to age in bottle to fully express its aromatic and flavor profile,” says Johnson.

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Wines described as muscular have traditionally been linked to bigger-style red wines, including Cabernet Sauvignons, Barolos and Super Tuscans, along with some Rhône blends.

The excitement over esoteric wines is equivalent to the special feeling when you find a four-leaf clover or see a rare bird. It’s not that they’re pricey. In fact, many of these bizarre grape wines are comparatively cheaper because they fly under the radar.

Etty Lewensztain is the owner of Plonk Wine Merchants, an online shop focused on small-production, artisanal and altogether great cheap wine. The food- and wine- obsessed Los Angeles native cut her teeth in the wine biz running a marketing campaign to promote Chilean wine in the United States, and is certified by the esteemed Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and the American Sommelier Association.

Esoteric Wines Company adheres to the federal law against underage drinking and selling alcohol to minors.

Gamay Noir. Garnacha tinto. 'The Tinderry'. Outlandish Claims Bitter Tonic. Anything that tickles Bryan’s fancy goes under this banner so you have the skin fermented Seven Months, which has become a regular given how interesting the wine can be.

Either way, esoteric wines are likely a relatively safe wine investment. Today, most esoteric wines are generally cheaper because they fly under the radar, which minimises the overall risk of ...

A rare esoteric wine, might soon compare to the fine wines we are familiar with today if the future market is favourable, and if your collection is well-preserved. Either way, esoteric wines are ...

For some, such as Johnson, the love affair with an esoteric grape variety began with a vineyard. In other cases, an inquisitive winemaker simply wanted to stretch and try something different.

Tannin. Tannin is one of the 4 traits that makes wines age-worthy. Wine grapes are full of seeds which are very tannic. The seeds are crushed with the grapes to add structure to wine. Oak aging also adds small amounts of tannin as the wine is exposed to the oak wood.

The only vineyards with Barolo DOCG status are on the southern facing hills. While the color of the wine is a pale brick red, it has a bold mouth feel with rigid tannin and slightly higher alcohol content (13% minimum). The wines of Barolo are aged for at least 18 months in barrel and are released after a total of 3+ years.

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