Should meditation be part of the australian school curriculum?

Sienna Hill asked a question: Should meditation be part of the australian school curriculum?
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  • Open Colleges recently conducted a study asking over 700 Australians if they think that meditation should be a part of the Australian school curriculum. The final results came in quite close with 56% saying No, and 43% saying Yes. But what are the reasons one may be for or against meditation in schools? What are meditation and mindfulness?


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⁉️ What does the etheric body mean in theosophy?

  • This box: The etheric plane (see also etheric body) is a term introduced into Theosophy by Charles Webster Leadbeater and Annie Besant to represent the subtle part of the lower plane of existence. It represents the fourth [higher] subplane of the physical plane (a hyperplane), the lower three being the states of solid, liquid, and gaseous matter.

⁉️ What happened to the sufi tekkes after wwi?

  • With the fall of the Ottoman Empire after WWI, the Sufi organizations were declared illegal, and the tekkes were either closed down, adapted into mosques, or turned into museums. Two of the most important remaining Mevlevihane are the ones in Konya (where Mevlânâ is buried) and the Galata Mevlevihanesi in Istanbul.

⁉️ What is the best form of sufi music?

  • Qawwali is the best-known form of Sufi music, and is most commonly found in the Sufi culture in South Asia. However, music is also central to the Sema ceremony of the whirling dervishes, which is set to a form of music called Ayin, a vocal and instrumental piece featuring Turkish classical instruments such as the ney (a reed flute).

⁉️ What is the chain of authenticity in sufism?

  • The focus of the silsila like the Chain of Authenticity is to trace the lineage of a Sufi order to Mohammad through his Companions: Ali bin Abi Talib (the primary link between Sufi orders and Mohammad), Abu Bakr, and Umar (three of the Four Righteously Guided Caliphs ).

⁉️ What is the earliest known example of sorcery?

  • The Sorcerer of Trois-Freres, France is one of the earliest depictions of sorcery in human history. The figure presides over a series of Paleolithic cave paintings. It sits above the other cave paintings in an area only accessible by ascending a spiral corridor.

⁉️ What is the importance of qawwali in sufism?

Qawwali is a form of music practiced by Sufis to inspire religious devotion and instruction. Sufism is a mystical school of Islamic thought where truth and divine love are achieved through personal experience. Sufis are synonymous with the 'Whirling Dervishes' found in many parts of North Africa and the Middle East.

⁉️ What is the meaning of love in sufism?

  • Love is considered in Sufism as the power which strengthens one’s feeling of being contained in God. This process results in understanding that in the world there is nothing but God, Who is the Lover and the Beloved at the same time. One of the tenets of Sufism is “Ishq Allah Mabud Allah” (“God is Lover and the Beloved”).

⁉️ What is the meaning of silsila in sufism?

Silsila (Arabic: سِلْسِلَة‎) is an Arabic word meaning chain, link, connection often used in various senses of lineage. In particular, it may be translated as "(religious) order" or "spiritual genealogy" where one Sufi Master transfers his khilfat to his spiritual descendant. In Urdu, Silsila means saga.

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What is the origin of sufism in india?
  • Sufism in India: Its origins Main Silsilas and Impact. The early Sufi mystics stressed on the virtues of repentance, abstinence, renunciation, poverty and trust in God. The early Sufis were wanderers but in due course of time the Sufi groups had become orders and we notice the formation of Sufi orders or Salsilas.
What is the purpose of dhikr in sufism?
  • Zikr practice is a frequent element in many Sufi Group meetings alongside other practices such as breathing practices, prayer and meditation. “The purpose of Dhikr is to experience Divine Presence… you could say the Dhikr is the very expression of the mystical quality of the dervish.
What is the role of poetry in sufism?
  • Sufi poets often reflected on the Qur’anic text and used it as an inspiration for their poems. Among the literatures heavily informed by Sufi thought, Persian literature, in particular poetry, has a special place. It has served as education for the Persian-speaking peoples across the classes since its inception.
What is the role of sufis in india?
  • Renowned Indian preacher and founder of Islamic Research Foundation, Zakir Naik, has always held that Islam spread in India in a very peaceful manner, and the Sufis played a positive role in bringing in all the great virtues and morals of Islam through practice and preaching.
What is the significance of sufism in india?
  • The presence of Sufism has been a leading entity increasing the reaches of Islam throughout South Asia. Following the entrance of Islam in the early 8th century, Sufi mystic traditions became more visible during the 10th and 11th centuries of the Delhi Sultanate and after it to the rest of India.
What was sufism like in the ottoman empire?
  • Mysticism, or Sufism as it was called among the Ottomans, was very much a part of Ottoman society in spite of a large, conservative religious establishment and an educational system that was based on the Quran and shariah law.