Is yoga popular in mongolia?

Axel O'Kon asked a question: Is yoga popular in mongolia?
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If you crave sunshine and yoga, Mongolia is definitely the place to be! The country is blessed some of the best sunny days, which is usually from June to August. If you're a fan of crisp yet warm weather, we advise you to visit during this time.

Which is the best National Park in Mongolia?

  • Terelj National Park is one of the most visited and interesting national parks of Mongolia, which is natural beauty, forested alpine mountains and interesting rock formations very well known. Highlights: Turtle Rock, Meditation temple Ariyabal and visit local nomadic families.

What makes Mongolian culture unique?

  • A Tsaatan child posing with baby reindeer in Khuvsgul, Mongolia. The landlocked East Asian country of Mongolia has a unique culture that is heavily influenced by the traditional nomadic way of life of its people.

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