Is yoga banned in pakistan?

Oswald Kohler asked a question: Is yoga banned in pakistan?
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Muslim yoga & its controversies

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  • Women in Pakistan are more likely to pick up workout routines that may include some yoga exercises, while men are more likely to go for picking up heavy weights. Yoga is not banned in Pakistan as I found this Indus Yoga Health Club, a ladies only Yoga centre in Lahore.
  • No yoga is not banned. In fact, you can spot 300-400 people, young and old, women and men doing yoga at Race course park, Lahore every day early in the morning. Yoga or any other such form of exercise is not banned within Pakistan, but I wouldn't say it's a mainstream activity just yet.


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Pakistan bans talk show host hamid mir after he criticised army

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Yoga studios are concentrated in tier-1 and tier-2 cities, with Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu leading the number of yoga studios in China. Accordingly, 65.8% of Chinese yoga practitioners are in tier-1 and tier-2 cities. Data Source:

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