Is pure land esoteric?

Constantin Dickinson asked a question: Is pure land esoteric?
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The difference between jodo shinshu buddhism and esoteric buddhism - very short & simple explanation

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What do you mean by Pure Land in Buddhism?

  • A pure land is the celestial realm of a buddha or bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism. The term "pure land" is particular to East Asian Buddhism (Chinese: 淨土; pinyin: Jìngtǔ) and related traditions; in Sanskrit the equivalent concept is called a "buddha-field" (Sanskrit buddhakṣetra).
  • “Daimoku in the morning, Nenbutsu in the evening,” thus reveals that Pure Land liturgy in the tenth century was not, as Misaki has suggested, thoroughly exotericized—that is, segregated from esoteric ritual practices—but rather underpinned by a highly


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Japan - pure land buddhism and zen buddhism (episode 8)

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A pure land is the celestial realm or pure abode of a buddha or bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism.The term "pure land" is particular to East Asian Buddhism (Chinese: 淨土; pinyin: Jìngtǔ) and related traditions; in Sanskrit the equivalent concept is called a "buddha-field" (Sanskrit buddhakṣetra).The various traditions that focus on pure lands have been given the nomenclature Pure Land ...

Pure Land Buddhism, on the other hand, remained somewhat peripheral for several centuries. Generally speaking, whereas Esoteric Buddhism as a state religion in Japan was very much concerned with worldly happiness, Pure Land Buddhism was far more concerned with the spiritual liberation of the individual and developed along those lines.

In this manner, a beautiful, elegant woman was seen to embody the ideas of good fortune and prosperity and became an object of worship. Left: Kichijoten from Yukushi-ji Temple in Nara, 8th century, color on hemp, 53 x 31.7 cm; right: Mariko Mori, Pure Land, 1996-98, glass with photo interlayer, 305 x 610 x 2.2 cm.

Shingon and Pure Land are very different in their beliefs. Shingon is an esoteric school of Buddhism also called tantric Buddhism or the Diamond vehicle. It is characterized by several rituals, some of them reserved to the priesthood. It is a sect where lay people and priests do very different rituals.

A Pure Land should not be confused with the Christian principle of a heaven, however. A Pure Land is not a final destination, but a location from which rebirth into Nirvana is thought to be an easy step. It is, however, possible to miss the opportunity and go on to other rebirths back into the lower realms of samsara.

The Pure Land teachings first became prominent in China with the founding of Donglin Temple at Mount Lu (Chinese: 廬山) by Huiyuan (Chinese: 慧遠) in 402.As a young man, Huiyuan practiced Daoism, but felt the theories of immortality to be vague and unreliable, and unrepresentative of the ultimate truth. Instead, he turned to Buddhism and became a monk learning under Dao'an (Chinese: 道安).

The Pure Land appears to be a supernatural place. On the surface, yes. But perhaps the Pure Land is really a poetic metaphor for a higher state of consciousness. Chanting the name can then be seen ...

In Pure Land, moreover, one’s own work and deeds have no impact on one’s salvation. All that matters in one’s devotion to Amida Buddha. Thus, in Pure Land, which was brought to Japan by a man named Honen in the 12th Century CE, the way to salvation (heaven) was not through philosophy or meditation, but by “behaving themselves like simple-minded folk.”

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