Is meditation becoming more popular among teens?

Tania Weimann asked a question: Is meditation becoming more popular among teens?
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Importance of meditation for youth | patriji | pmc english

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  • Meditation Becoming More Popular Among Teens. Research suggests meditation has benefits for both grown-ups and children, including improved focus, better test scores, and lower blood pressure. One of the most surprising trends going among teenagers going into the New Year is, of all things, meditation.


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In Korea, yoga is popular and is regarded as a form of mind–body medicine; it is often considered part of CAM and it is actively researched and plays an important role in the healthcare system [7], [8], [9]… The ancient texts state that yoga medicine is a form of energy medicine.

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Healthy mind: dermot whelan - how meditation can help .

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How meditation can change your life and mind | big think