How to do muraqaba?



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Start by 3.5 minutes. Do it everyday, for a week, until 3.5 minutes starts to seem less and your body isn't heated up after Muraqabah. Increase your time up to 5 minutes. Do it for a week or till you feel that 5 minutes is normal routine. Keep increasing the time but stop at half an hour.

Beginning Muraqaba After morning prayer (salah e fajjar) or after Isha prayer, before sleeping, sit down on the ground. First of all free your mind of all the thoughts. Normally, everyone is in the state of too many thoughts. It means they... Now, don't do or think anything. After a little while ...

Bismilla hirrahma nirrahim. Assalomalaikum to all. I have taken baya through internet alhammdullillah, and i got my daily s also, i just want to know how should i do muraqaba, i mean how could i spritually connect myself to Maulana Sheikh, what is the process, could you please help me. Thanks.

Here is how you can do muraqaba as a beginner. First choose a peaceful undisturbed time and place to perform muraqaba. Early morning time may be the best but you may also do it in evening before going to sleep. Don't do it after a meal. It is something very special.

Do muraqaba when you are fresh and you are free from worries. Awliyah Allah used to prefer tahajjud time for muraqaba, and between asr and maghrib. Those who are free at this time should do muraqaba at that time, otherwise you can always choose another time which is easier for you. A Wise Anecdote by Imam Abu Hanifa

When someone sits for Islamic Meditation/Muraqaba and closes the eyes, he focuses his mind on one single point. The point in this case is usually the concept of his spiritual mentor. That is, he focuses all his witnessing abilities concentrating in thinking about his spiritual teacher, in order to get the image of his mentor on the mental screen, as long as he remains in the state of Meditation.

During this process, at whatever Gate you have received Permission to enter during the Muraqaba practice, when you begin to notice that your concentration or focus is drifting away to anything else, gently (without frustration) bring your attention back to the sensing of the breath and back to the present Gate of Muraqaba you are working with.

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