How many cults are in switzerland?

Amy Gaylord asked a question: How many cults are in switzerland?
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Swiss professors who have studied cults estimate that there are 90 to 120 such groups in the Geneva area alone.

What kind of religion do they have in Switzerland?

  • However, Christianity has declined considerably since the late 20th century, from close to 94% in 1980 to about 63% as of 2019. Switzerland has no state religion, though most of the cantons (except for Geneva and Neuchâtel) recognize official churches ( Landeskirchen ), in all cases including the Roman Catholic Church and the Swiss Reformed Church.

What is the religious breakdown of Switzerland?

  • A Federal Statistical Office report published in 2019 shows significant statistical differences according to religious affiliation among the five most common nationalities in Switzerland: Swiss nationals are mostly Christians (73%), but divided between Catholics (37%), Swiss Reformed (31%) and other Christian churches (5%).

What is the main religion in Switzerland?

  • Religion in Switzerland. Christianity is the predominant religion of Switzerland, its presence going back to the Roman era. Since the 16th century, Switzerland has been traditionally divided into Roman Catholic and Reformed confessions.

What is the religious breakdown of Switzerland?

  • Religion in Switzerland. The Federal Statistical Office reported the religious demographics as of 2017 as follows (based on a survey of 200,000 people aged 15 years and older ): 65.6% Christian (including 35.9% Roman Catholic, 23.8% Reformed, 5.9% other), 26.0% unaffiliated, 5.4% Muslim, 0.3% Jewish, 1.4% other religions. (100%: 6,981,381,...

Nonetheless, Switzerland has become a haven for sects in recent years, and police say they have received reports that as many as 600 separate cults have established bases here.


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