How many cults are in grenada?

Evert Roberts asked a question: How many cults are in grenada?
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What is the religion of the majority in Grenada?

  • The Religion Of The Majority In Grenada. The long colonial rule in the islands of Grenada left behind a legacy of Christianity in the country. Today, the majority of Grenada's population (more than 85%) are Christians.

What is the religion of the population of Grenada?

  • Grenada’s population was estimated to be 107,317 in 2016 and the country occupies an area of 348.5 square km. Christianity is the most popular religion in Grenada. The long colonial rule in the islands of Grenada left behind a legacy of Christianity in the country. Today, the majority of Grenada's population (more than 85%) are Christians.

Are there still active cults in the world?

  • There are still countless active cults in the world. Moreover, religions will argue endlessly over which sect is a cult and which is legitimate. To be fair, many mainstream religions display the same “dangerous” habits as despised active cults, so it is hard to decide what to be afraid of.

What religions are there in Grenada?

  • Other Christian denominations have a limited presence in the nation. Among the Protestant groups living in Grenada, Pentecostals, Seventh Day Adventists, and Anglicans account for 17.2%, 13.2%, and 8.5% of the population, respectively. Many other religions have a small presence in Grenada. These include Rastafarianism, Hinduism, Islam, etc.


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