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⁉️ How do you say beautiful lady in italian?

To say beautiful lady in Italian, you say bella signora.

⁉️ How do you say say italian in italian?

If the noun is masculine, "Italian" in Italian is 'italiano.' If the noun is feminine, it's "italiana."

⁉️ Beautiful breast massage?

Short Example of Breast Massage On Female. This is a short video of some full chest and breast massage with one of my licensed massage therapists as my client. I hope that it gives you an idea of how the chest and breast can be incorporated into a therapeutic massage if it is included in your local scope of practice.

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Bella is how you say beautiful in Italian

The most common word to say beautiful in Italian is “bello”. Bello is one of the most used adjectives to say beautiful in Italian. It describes people, animals and things that you consider pleasant to the eye, more than pretty or nice, very enjoyable and it translates directly with beautiful.

The most popular and straightforward way to say beautiful in Italian is ‘bello.’ You may have heard the phrase ‘Ciao bello,’ which means ‘hello, beautiful’ in many TV shows. It’s mainly used as an adjective and it can be adapted to suit any noun in the Italian language.

Perhaps the most straightforward and recognised translation for beautiful in Italian is bello (masculine). Even those who aren’t learning Italian have probably encountered the cliché phrase Ciao bello!

When addressing a woman and wishing to compliment her on her beauty in Italian, say, Sei molta bella! This means, “You are quite beautiful,” or, “You are most beautiful.” When addressing a man, use the masculine variation, Sei molto bello! When greeting a beautiful person, say Ciao bella! or Ciao bello!

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The Italian for very beautiful is molto bella. Find more Italian words at!

Bel' bambino is the expression used to say 'beautiful child' when directed at a boy, or bella bambina for a girl. Both phrases are often preceded by the word che corresponding to 'what a...' To say 'beautiful child' in Italian, you would generally use the word bella or bello, dependent on gender, or the superlative bellissimo or bellissima.

The Italian word that you use to say beautiful, bello, is used for both people and inanimate objects. In the English language, the word for beautiful generally depends on the gender of the subject. If the subject is female, you generally use beautiful. As in "A beautiful woman."

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