Esoteric spine can a bone have two mesh attachments?

Robin DuBuque asked a question: Esoteric spine can a bone have two mesh attachments?
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  • Two attachments under the same slot cannot have the same name, but they can have the same path. Scripts When creating skeleton images using an image editor outside of Spine, the images are usually created on separate layers and oriented correctly for the skeleton's setup pose.
  • Mesh attachments are not available in Spine Essential. A mesh attachment is a polygon that is textured with an image. A polygon is defined inside the image, then its vertices can be manipulated to bend and deform the image.


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The timeline FPS (frames per second) slider sets the frames per second used by the timeline. All the skeletons and animations in a project use the same timeline FPS. While 30 FPS is a good default for most users, some animators have an intuitive sense of how many frames a certain movement will take when animating at 12 or 24 frames per second.

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Spine Enterprise is required for businesses with $500,000 USD or more annual revenue. The license allows Spine Professional to be used by the specified number of users for a period of one year. All updates are provided during this time. After one year, Spine Enterprise must be licensed again to continue using Spine Professional.

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While most other tools work by selecting a bone, then dragging in empty space to manipulate the bone, the Pose tool requires dragging handles on the bones. To translate a bone, move the mouse over the bone's origin so a translate icon appears, then drag.

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Mesh attachments are not available in Spine Essential. A mesh attachment is a polygon that is textured with an image. A polygon is defined inside the image, then its vertices can be manipulated to bend and deform the image. Meshes also have the advantage that the polygon can exclude parts of an image from rendering, which can improve performance.

Attachments can be added to skins so the attachments are only visible if the skins are visible. Types. These are the types of attachments available: Region attachment: a rectangular image. Mesh attachment: a polygon that is textured with an image. Bounding box attachment: a polygon for runtime physics or performing hit detection.

The first column controls whether bones, region and mesh attachments, and other attachments can be selected. This can make some tasks easier by preventing accidental selection. Items can still be selected by clicking them in the tree. The second column controls visibility of bones, region and mesh attachments, and other attachments.

2) using `getAttachmentByName` + `attachment.region.texture = newTexture` one can change the textures of attachments (instead of the texture of whichever current attachment is active in a slot) however this has no instant visual effect, and the new texture only appears the next time the spine entity changes to this texture

In skeletal animation, an image, mesh or other "attachment" is attached to a bone, then when the bone is transformed (rotated, translated, scaled, or sheared) the attachment is also transformed. However, in Spine attachments are not attached directly to a bone. Instead, attachments are attached to a "slot" and the slot is attached to a bone. root is a bone with two slots, eyes and head, and each slot has an attachment with the same name. Slots

Make a mesh for the alt pose in Setup Mode; Go to Animate Mode. Pose the skeleton to match that mesh; Bind the mesh to the bones that move, plus a dummy bone that doesn't move. Set all the vertex weights to the dummy bone. In Animate Mode, go to the keyframe where your pose matches exactly the bones; In the Weights panel, press Update Bindings

It only makes sense if you duplicate a mesh and then change the image, because then you have exactly the same mesh. There are two use cases: 1) You have two attachments for the same slot and want to use FFD to deform them differently. Spine handles this, since FFD keys are specific to a mesh attachment. 2) You have two attachments for the same slot and want to use FFD to deform them the same (eg the flags in your video).

While your workflow seems a bit odd, the spine-unity runtime (as all runtimes) is provided with full source code access and would allow you to add bones and attachments during runtime. To avoid reinventing the wheel, we would strongly recommend using existing functionality such as swapping out Attachments and Skins at runtime.

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