Are there cults in vanuatu?

Easton Gerlach asked a question: Are there cults in vanuatu?
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Some cargo cults are still active… The John Frum cult on Tanna island (Vanuatu) The Tom Navy cult on Tanna island (Vanuatu) The Prince Philip Movement on the island of Tanna, which worshipped the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

Some cargo cults are still active. These include: The John Frum cult on Tanna island (Vanuatu) The Tom Navy cult on Tanna island (Vanuatu)


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  • This was true of the Japanese Army as well, at least initially before relations deteriorated in most regions. The John Frum cult, one of the most widely reported and longest-lived, formed on the island of Tanna, Vanuatu. This movement started before the war, and became a cargo cult afterwards.

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⁉️ What is the most popular cult in vanuatu?

  • The cargo cult is quite popular in Vanuatu. Most of these cults developed following the World War II but only a few like the John Frum cult survives today with a large number of followers in the Tanna island. The Prince Philip Movement that reveres Prince Philip of the United Kingdom is also popular on the Tanna Island.

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  • Suddenly, populations were encountering Western soldiers, canned food, mass-produced clothing, weapons, medicine, and electronics for the first time. Many Allied soldiers shared these goods with their new neighbors on the islands. This led to what Americans called the John Frum cargo cult on the island of Vanuatu.
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