Are there cults in armenia?

Lilla Rempel asked a question: Are there cults in armenia?
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The oldest cults are believed to have worshipped a creator called Ar (or possibly Ara), embodied as the sun (Arev or Areg); the ancient Armenians called themselves "children of the sun". Also among the most ancient types of Indo-European-derived worship are the cults of eagles and lions, and of the sky.


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  • Africa has a long history of cults and secret societies that have allegedly played a hand in the continent’s economics, politics and law enforcement. The Internet has shone light on many secret societies, rendering them not so secret. Here’s a little light on 12 cults and secret societies of Africa. < PREV 1 of 13 NEXT >

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Is it true that there are Cults in Nigeria?

  • In Nigeria however (especially in our higher institutions), cultism has been turned into another thing entirely. Members of different cult groups in Nigeria are extremely dangerous and these guys and girls are always ready to kill their fellow rival cultists at any time without any sign of remorse after doing that.

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Which is the religion of the majority in Andorra?

  • Christianity is the religion of the majority in Andorra. In particular, Roman Catholics account for 88.2% of the country’s population. Other Christian sects also have adherents in the country. Small numbers of Muslims, Hindus, Bahá'ís, Jews, non-believers, and atheists account for the remaining population of Andorra.

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  • Church in Angola. The Constitution of Angola ensures religious freedom to its residents. Currently, there are 85 recognized religions or denominations of the same religion.

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What is the main religion in Antigua and Barbuda?

  • Christianity is the predominant religion, and Protestantism and Roman Catholicism are practiced by 68.3% and 8.2% of the population, respectively. However, despite the dominance of Christianity, influences of traditional African religions are still evident throughout the country. 5. Cuisine of Antigua and Barbuda

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There are over 100 religious groups operating in Barbados and their places of worship range from the majestic coral stone structures to the simple chattel house: Anglican.

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  • More than 100,000 have packed into central Minsk, the capital, for four consecutive Sundays since the disputed 9 August election. More than 600 people were detained during the 6 September protests - in Minsk and some other towns and cities. Rallies for Mr Lukashenko have been much smaller.

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  • As a result, the English language along with Western culture has left a lasting imprint on Belize's culture. Nationwide, Belizeans regard American and British English as the highest form of communication. British and American visitors, especially higher ranking officials, are celebrated and treated with honors.

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  • The French Internet site "Aide à l'Eglise en détresse" (Aid to the Church in Need) puts the figure of Christians in Bhutan at 12,255, with 1,000 Roman Catholics, making it a total of 0.9% of the population. The population also consists of 84% Buddhists, 11.4% Hindus, 3.4% Animists and 0.3% uncategorized.

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There were about 3000 cults operating in Australia, Cult Information and Family Support NSW president Ros Hodgins said.

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  • The book, which has been optioned for TV by Dakota Johnson and Riley Keough, follows Cameron through 10 cults, from the eccentric Rose Creek Village in Tennessee, whose adherents once carried samurai swords, to Chicago’s Christian-rock-singing Jesus People USA.
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